Custom Formulated Chemical Foaming Agents

We have a great depth of experience in custom formulating to ensure that you get the chemical foaming agent product that best meets your needs. Whether you need a custom endothermic CFA, and exothermic CFA, or an endo/exo blend CFA, or whether you are involved in molding or extrusion processes, we can work with you on custom formulating a Foamazol™, XO or XOP chemical foaming agent so you receive the best performing product for your process.

Bergen International also offers laboratory facilities to our customers for product development and enhancement. We can work with you on the custom formulation of a chemical foaming agents that will ensure that you get the right product to suit your needs. Our processing laboratory allows you to fine tune your process at our facility, saving you R&D costs, equipment and time.

Please call us or email us to discuss custom CFA product development.





Endothermic CFAs
Endothermic chemical foaming agents are chemicals that take heat away from the chemical reaction. This produces foams with a much smaller cell structure, resulting in improved appearance and better physical properties. Find an Endothermic CFA
Exothermic CFAs
Exothermic chemical foaming agents generate heat during the decomposition process. They liberate more gas per gram of foaming agent than endothermic agents and higher gas pressure. Find an Exothermic CFA
Endo/Exo Blend CFAs
Endothermic and Exothermic blends can have a synergistic effect that offers benefits over the use of either an endo or exo by themselves. Find an Endo/Exo Blend CFA
Custom Formulated CFAs
Bergen International prides itself on our ability to work with you to develop the exact blend that offers the best set of performance/cost benefits for your specific process and polymer. Find out more on custom CFAs
Request a Sample
Contact Bergen International to get a sample of endothermic, exothermic, or endo/exo blend CFA. Request a Sample