New XO-230 CFA Eliminates Moisture Problems Which Often Occur in the Foaming of PC

Bergen International’s new exothermic, XO-230 chemical foaming agent has been specifically formulated for use in high-temperature polycarbonate foaming applications such as structural foam molding, injection molding, and extrusion.

Some foaming agents produce moisture as a byproduct of decomposition causing the polymer chain to unzip leading to a loss of physical properties. But, XO-230 has been specifically formulated not to produce any moisture thereby eliminating any brittleness due to polymer degradation.

Provided in pelletized masterbatches, XO-230 is designed for structural foam molding applications where maximum density reduction is desired, and may also be used for sink mark removal and warp reduction in injection molding applications.

Bergen International’s Foamazol™ chemical foaming agents are available for use in most plastic applications such as structural foam molding, profile and sheet extrusion, blown and extruded films, injection molding, wire and cable, blow molded containers, polypropylene ribbon extrusion and others.

Foamazol™ chemical foaming agents are available in endothermic, exothermic and endo/exo blends. Forms include pelletized masterbatches, powders and liquids. Products are available for use with a range of resins such as PP, PE, copolymers, PS, PPO, and PPE. Custom formulations are also available.

February 2005





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