Chemical Foaming Agent (CFA)

Endothermic Chemical
Foaming Agents

Chemical Foaming Agents (CFAs) are substances used in various industries to generate gas bubbles in materials like plastics, rubber, and polymers during their processing. These gas bubbles create a foamed structure in the material, which can have several beneficial properties, such as reduced weight, improved insulation, and enhanced mechanical properties. CFA product data typically includes information about the specific foaming agent, its properties, recommended applications, and safety considerations.

Foamazol™ 41 Chemical Foaming Agent (CFA) Product Data
Application Intended for applications that require a very fine and uniform cell structure with relatively smooth skins.
Characteristics Endothermic Decomposition
Regulatory Status All Raw Materials Are GRAS (generally regarded as safe)
Physical Apperance Supplied as White Pellets

Technical Data

Decomposition Range Beginning at 150° C (302° F)
Processing Recommendations Maximum gas yields are achieved when processing temperatures of 185-230° C (365-446° F) are reached

Usage Levels

Injection Molding Recommended for chemical foaming at 0.5-3.0%
Extrusion Recommended for nucleation at 0.2-2.0% | Recommended for chemical foam at 0.5-3.0%

The information and recommendations made herein are based on the research of others and are believed to be accurate. However, nothing herein is to be taken as a warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the information or the use of this product, and purchasers should make their own tests and evaluation to determine the suitability of this product in their application. Nothing herein is to be construed as a recommendation to use or as a license to operate under or to infringe any existing patents.

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