Direct Gas Extrusion Sheet/Film

Chemical Foaming Agents for Direct Gas, Film and Sheet Extrusion Applications…

Reduce Polymer & Gas Usage, Control Cell Size & Foam Density, Increase Line Speeds, etc.

Whether your direct gas extrusion process uses tandem extrusion or a twin screw extruder, Bergen International has a chemical foaming/nucleating agent for your application. Our Foamazol CFAs provide excellent nucleation for gasses such as CO2, Nitrogen, Z2, Hydrocarbons, and other gases.
Our Foamazol™ 41 and Foamazol™ 42 provide fine, uniform cell structures in direct gas extrusion of olefins. Our Foamazol™ 73S is used in direct gas extrusions involving styrene.

If VOC’s are a concern, the gases evolved by Foamazol™ allow for reduced usage of the physical blowing agent gas. Hydrocarbon gas usage has been reduced by as much as 17% in some instances with Foamazol nucleating agents.

Endothermic CFAs
direct gas chemical foaming agent sheet film

Use of Foamazol™ CFAs allow direct gas extruders to:

  • Process with Faster Extrusion Rates
  • Produce Consistent High-Quality Foam Structure — very fine, uniform cell structure with consistent density

  • Better Control of Cell Size

  • Reduced Polymer Usage

  • Reduced Gas Usage

Our Direct Gas Film and Sheet Extrusion/Nucleating CFA product line includes:

Cell Nucleation
ProcessBase ResinRecommended Grade
Direct Gas ExtrusionLDPE, PPFoamazol™ 41
Foamazol™ 42
Foamazol™ 71
Foamazol™ 72
PSFoamazol™ 73S
Density Reduction
ProcessBase ResinRecommended Grade
Sheet ExtrusionLDPEFoamazol™ 21
Foamazol™ 31
Foamazol™ 92
HDPEFoamazol™ 21
Foamazol™ 31
PPFoamazol™ 22
Foamazol™ 42
PSFoamazol™ 73
PETFoamazol™ 63

Custom Chemical Foaming Agent Products and Customer Assistance

Bergen International can also work with you to customize CFAs for your Direct Gas Film and Sheet Extrusion/Nucleation process. Our staff has extensive formulating and processing experience and can assist you in developing a CFA to best meet your requirements.