Bergen International Media and Video Library

Our Headquarters and Manufacturing Facilities

Our Foamazol™ chemical foaming agents come in many forms and varieties to meet virtually any processing requirement, and we have a great depth of experience in custom formulating chemical foaming agents. Our manufacturing facility includes a processing laboratory, allowing you the opportunity to fine tune your process at our facility, saving you R&D costs, equipment and time.

Extrusion Processing Guide

Tutorial on Extrusion Processing with our Bergen International Foamazol™ Chemical Foaming Agents, including information on how CFAs work, the benefits they provide extruders — reduction in part weights/density, reduced resin usage, increased line speed, changes in the durometer of materials, etc.

Injection Molding Processing Guide

Tutorial on the plastics Injection Molding Process using Bergen International Foamazol™ chemical foaming agents. Tutorial includes information on how CFAs work, and the benefits they provide Injection Molders including; reduction in part weights and density, reduced resin usage, increased cycle speed, removal of sink marks and wrap reduction, smooth surfaces include Class-A finishes, food-contact applications, reduction of or elimination of hold and pack times, etc.