Structural Foam Molding

Chemical Foaming Agents for Structural Foam Molding Applications…

Faster Cycle Times, Control Cell Size and Uniformity, Excellent Nucleation of Gases, etc.

Bergen International has a Chemical Foaming Agent product for your structural foam molding application. Our Foamazol™ CFAs for nucleation of physical blowing agent gases (e.g. Nitrogen) control the size and distribution of the cells in the expanding melt.

containers structural foam chemical foaming agents
structural foam molding chemical foaming agents

Use of Foamazol™ CFAs allow structural foam molders to:

  • Process at Faster Cycle Times / Up to 30% Cycle Reductions

  • Achieve Excellent Nucleation / Better Distribution of Gas
  • Better Control Cell Size and Cell Uniformity

  • Use Less Nitrogen
• Lower Processing Temperatures
  • Produce Products with Smoother Surfaces / Reduced Elephant Skin

Our Structural Foam Molding CFA product line includes:

Foamazol™ 61 Endothermic Chemical Foaming Agent
Our Foamazol™ 61 Chemical Foaming Agent, is used to control the size, shape, and distribution of gas bubbles or cells in structural foam parts made from olefins like HDPE and PP.

Foamazol™ 64 Endothermic Chemical Foaming Agent
Our Foamazol™ 64 CFA is intended for applications where maximum density reduction is required. Typically used for cell size control, this product is ideal for structural foam molding.

Custom Chemical Foaming Agent Products and Customer Assistance

Bergen International can also work with you to customize CFAs for your Structural Foam Molding process. Our staff has extensive formulating and processing experience and can assist you in developing a CFA to best meet your requirements.