Wire & Cable Extrusion

Chemical Foaming Agents for Wire and Cable Extrusion…

Products for Uniform Cell Structure in Core Layer Nucleation and Extruded Foamed Jackets

Bergen International has a Chemical Foaming Agent product for your wire and cable extrusion application. Our Foamazol™ CFA line includes products for various polymers including Polyethylene, PVC, and PVDF.

Typically CFAs are used in the manufacture of co-axial cable where cables usually have a foamed polymer layer that is used for insulation. These foamed insulation layers must have a uniform cell structure.

Bergen International products such as Foamazol™ 89 and Foamazol™ 816 and are designed with fluoropolymer and olefin wire and cable applications in mind. These CFAs produce fine uniform cell structures in both foamed jacket and insulation applications. If you’re considering foaming in your aerospace wire, automotive wire, power cables, and building wire extrusion process, contact us to see how we can improve your process.

extruded wire chemical foaming agent
wire cable extrusion chemical foaming agent

Use of Foamazol™ CFAs allow wire and cable extruders to:

  • Process with Polyethylene, PVC, PVDF

  • Achieve “Hot Spot” Nucleation in Core Layer Insulations

  • Produce Foamed Jackets

Custom Chemical Foaming Agent Products and Customer Assistance

Bergen International can also work with you to customize CFAs for your wire and cable extrusion process. With extensive formulating and processing experience, our staff can assist you in developing a CFA to best meet your wire and cable processing requirements.